welcome to central japan

Welcome to Central Japan

Central Japan comprises nine of the most historical, most traditional, most cultural, most successful and most beautiful of Japan’s 47 prefectures. Central Japan contains the largest, most ancient of lakes, towering samurai protected forests, magnificent alpine mountain ranges, mighty rivers and ancient routes. Three of the five National Treasure listed samurai castles can be found in Central Japan, and the majority of major samurai battles were fought here. Having perfected the art of traditional and modern manufacturing, Central Japan is the nation’s financial powerhouse. A mostly unknown, undiscovered area where the traditions and culture of Japan remain to be discovered. Welcome to Central Japan.

Samurai History of Central Japan

Discover the exciting behind-the-scenes story of bravery during the 1575 Seige of Nagashino Castle, along with the history changing samurai matchlock gun battle that took place as a result, and how you can relive that action and excitement today! Meet the matchlock gunsmiths of Kunitomo village, and see their much prized products too!

Secrets of Japanese Craftsmanship

Discover the reasons behind one of the earliest examples of samurai-led forestry projects in one of Japan’s Three Most Beautiful Forests, and meet the Yamamori, hereditary forest managers who performed conservation, care and creation of the mighty Hinoki forests.
Find preserved towns, ancient routes, traditional crafts and technology tucked away in Central Japan.

Experiences in Nature

Discover the lives of the now rare traditional women ocean divers of Mie Prefecture, their 2,000-year history and how you can meet them, or the healing powers of the secluded ancient Omaki hot spa resort, discovered by a wounded samurai lord while fleeing a major battle and accessible only by boat.