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What Is a Shoryudo Ambassador?

In order to increase the number of foreign visitors to the Shoryudo and arouse the interest and curiosity of non-Japanese people regarding the Shoryudo, actress Ryoko Nakano, Hong Kong’s EGL Tours president Man Ying Yuen, and Sake Samurai coordinator Toshie Hiraide have been installed as Shoryudo ambassadors.

  • Ms. Toshie HiraideMs. Toshie Hiraide
  • Ms. Ryoko NakanoMs. Ryoko Nakano
  • Mr. Yuen, Man YingMr. Yuen, Man Ying

「My hometown・SHORYUDO」

Promotional Discussion Event in Shanghai

Ever since I co-starred with Ken Takakura in the Japanese film Manhunt, which was shown in China, I have developed a mysterious, deep bond with the people of China. Our cultures have much in common, including the Chinese writing system, and as neighbors, the interaction between Japan and China spans a wide range of fields. My heartfelt desire is to achieve greater mutual understanding between these two countries and to establish a closer friendship. Chinese people often tell me that they would like to see the town where I was born.
My hometown is in the Chubu region of Japan, where Chubu Centrair International Airport and the headquarters of Toyota are located. The Shoryudo project is a joint public-private partnership, the purpose of which is to promote mutual understanding and friendship between this region and other countries around the world, including China. I have accepted the role of “Shoryudo ambassador” because of my desire to help create a culture of peaceful relations between my hometown and the people of China.
In connection with my new role as Shoryudo ambassador, I asked my acquaintances in China what they imagined when they heard the word “Shoryudo.” The answers were simply amazing: to them, the word suggested success in life and improvement in one’s fortunes.
The fact is, this region is overflowing with diverse, uniquely Japanese attractions: the Historic Villages of Shirakawa-go and Gokayama, a World Heritage Site known for its unspoilt Japanese landscape; old-fashioned townscapes that inspire feelings of nostalgia; mountains that rise to an altitude of 3,000 m, including Mt. Fuji; ancient and highly beneficial hot springs; major cities with great shopping and dining; and so much more. And the people who live here are friendly. I think anyone who visits the Shoryudo will be very happy.
I urge everyone to go on a journey of good fortune and visit the Shoryudo.

◉Profile of Ms. Ryoko Nakano

Actress and advisor to the Asia-Pacific Cultural Centre for UNESCO. Born in Tokoname, Aichi Prefecture.
Promotes mutual understanding between Japan and China with the goal of creating a culture of peace.
Also conducts international relations activities with numerous other countries, including the US and France.

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Meet the Shoryudo Ambassadors Ms.Toshie Hiraide Meet the Shoryudo Ambassadors Ms. Ryoko Nakano Meet the Shoryudo Ambassadors Mr. Yuen, Man Ying
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