Commencement of the

"Shoryudo Wi-Fi Project"

to make free Wi-Fi in the Chubu and Hokuriku area
even more convenient and pleasant to use

You can use free Wi-Fi
wherever you see this sticker.

What is the "Shoryudo
Wi-Fi Project"?

We are engaged in a project to allow all visitors to the
Chubu and Hokuriku area to more fully enjoy their visit
by providing a pleasant Wi-Fi environment.

full free Wi-Fi
We are expanding the areas and spots where it is possible to use Wi-Fi.
Making it easy to
connect to free Wi-Fi
We have prepared stickers to inform people about spots where they can use Wi-Fi, and apps that allow easy Wi-Fi connection.
travel more
We have prepared apps about the attractions of Shoryudo and with content that visitors will enjoy.

How to use public
free Wi-Fi

The typical way to use a Wi-Fi hotspot of the

SHORYUDO FREE Wi-Fi PROJECT is described below.

  • iOS

    Open the Settings
    menu and select “Wi-Fi.”

  • iOS

    Turn “Wi-Fi” ON.

  • iOS

    Select a network
    to connect to.

    Please select the SSID associated
    with the local area.

  • Launch your browser and check the terms of use, etc.

    * Subsequent steps may vary, depending on the particular Wi-Fi hotspot.

  • Perform user registration.User verification involves registering by email address, social media account information, etc.

  • You can now browse the Web.

We are introducing an app that makes it simple to use and easier to connect to the Wi-Fi service with a single registration, unlike most free Wi-Fi services, which usually require the user to register their email address for user verification every time that they use it.

Make it easy

A smarter way to make a
networkconnection to

free Wi-Fi!

Register as a user just once
Register just once using this app, and you won’t have to register separately for each Wi-Fi hotspot!
Completely free
All features can be used at no charge.
Available in 13 languages
English, Chinese (simplified), Chinese (traditional), Korean, Thai, Malay,Indonesian, French, Spanish, German, Italian,Russian, Japanese

How to use Japan
Connected-free Wi-Fi

  • Install the app.

  • Register as a user.
    Register using your email address or social media account.

  • Registration complete!

  • Connect by selecting “Connect.”
    If you’re using iOS, please select in advance the Wi-Fi hotspot for the area where you’re currently located.


Use the app to
get tourism information
about Japan!

The easy way to
enjoy Shoryudo
and the abundant charm
in the heart of Japan!

Find things about your present location right away!
It’s easy to search for recommended shops and scenic spots close by!
Super-easy schedule management!
Share your travel schedule with friends!
Coupons available for travel bargains!
Search exclusively for shops where you can use your coupons!

How to Use
Japan Travel Guide

  • Install the app.

  • Agree to the terms of use.

  • Register as a user.

  • Registration complete!
    Tap “Start” to start using Japan Travel Guide.

You can use free Wi-Fi
wherever you see this sticker.