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Commencement of the

"Shoryudo FREE Wi-Fi Project"

to make free Wi-Fi in the Chubu and Hokuriku area
even more convenient and pleasant to use

You can use free Wi-Fi
wherever you see this sticker.

What is the "Shoryudo
FREE Wi-Fi Project"?

Project to promote expansion of public wireless LAN environment so that we can respond to Wi-Fi needs both domestically and abroad, with administrative facilities, medical institutions, convenience stores, stations, shops and shopping districts, accommodation facilities, tourist facilities and so on is.

full free Wi-Fi
We are expanding the areas and spots where it is possible to use Wi-Fi.
Making it easy to
connect to free Wi-Fi
We have prepared stickers to inform people about spots where they can use Wi-Fi, and apps that allow easy Wi-Fi connection.
travel more
We have prepared apps about the attractions of Shoryudo and with content that visitors will enjoy.
Hokuriku Economic Federation support Chubu District Transport Bureau Hokuriku-Shin'etsu District Transport Bureau support Go Central Japan DMO Central Japan Economic Federation Collaboration (joint project) carrier support

How to use public
free Wi-Fi

The typical way to use a Wi-Fi hotspot of the

SHORYUDO FREE Wi-Fi PROJECT is described below.

  • iOS

    Open the Settings
    menu and select “Wi-Fi.”

  • iOS

    Turn “Wi-Fi” ON.

  • iOS

    Select a network
    to connect to.

    Please select the SSID associated
    with the local area.

  • Launch your browser and check the terms of use, etc.

    * Subsequent steps may vary, depending on the particular Wi-Fi hotspot.

  • Perform user registration.User verification involves registering by email address, social media account information, etc.

  • You can now browse the Web.

For information on Wi-Fi services and apps, please contact the provider of the respective Wi-Fi spot or app.

You can use free Wi-Fi
wherever you see this sticker.

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