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What is the Nostalgic Route?

The Shoryudo truly offers a diverse array of tourist attractions. The Nostalgic Route lets you discover Japan’s “good old days” and experience the spirit of the Japanese people. Numerous castles and their castle towns with the characteristics of samurai culture still remain today, as well as unspoilt Japanese scenery in old post towns and historic villages with gassho-zukuri architecture — a world heritage site that is still inhabited now. There’s also Ise-jingu Shrine, a once-in-a-lifetime pilgrimage destination for people of the early modern period, and Kumano Kodo Street, another world heritage site. The people of this region have always cherished their connection with the sea, engaged in pearl cultivation and developing a culture of female divers. Come and experience the spirit of rural Japan, which offers visitors a sensation of nostalgia and warmth.

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The Heart and Soul of Japan: Tours of Ise-jingu Shrine and World Heritage Sites

Day 1・Kanazawa (Overnight in Kanazawa)Show details
Walking around Kanazawa (Kenroku-en [walking around in kimonos and the must-see Yukitsuri illumination], Kanazawa Castle Park, Higashi Chaya District, Japanese confection-making and gold foil activities, Omi-cho Market, and more) Kaga cuisine, Kano crab, Japanese confections, and more
Day 2・Kanazawa ▶ Shirakawago and Gokayama, a World Heritage Site ▶ Takayama (Overnight in Takayama)Show details
kanazawa → Walking around Shirakawago and Gokayama, a World Heritage Site → Walking around Takayama (historical district, Takayama Festival Floats Exhibition Hall, Hida Folk Village Hida no Sato, local sake brewery tours and sampling, and more) Hida beef, Hoba miso, Takayama ramen, and more
Day 3・Takayama ▶ Shinhotaka ▶ Kamikochi ▶ Matsumoto (Overnight in Matsumoto)Show details
Walking around Takayama (morning market and more) → Walking around Shinhotaka (A World Above the Clouds: Shinhotaka Ropeway at Okuhida Onsen Village) → Walking around Kamikochi → Walking around Matsumoto Hida beef, oyaki, Shinshu soba, and more
Day 4・Matsumoto ▶ Nagano ▶ Shiga Highlands (Overnight in Nagano)Show details
Walking around Matsumoto (Matsumoto Castle and more) → Walking around Nagano (Zenko-ji Temple, Togakushi Ninja Museum, and more) → Walking around the Shiga Highlands (Jigokudani Monkey Park and more) → Nagano Zenko-ji teramachi soba, oyaki, mushrooms, and more
Day 5・Nagano ▶ Tsumago-juku and Magome-juku post towns ▶ Inuyama (Overnight in Nagoya)Show details
Nagano → Walking around Tsumago-juku and Magome-juku post towns → Walking around Inuyama (Inuyama Castle, wearing armor, karakuri puppets, and more) → Nagoya Gohei-mochi, kuri-kinton, and more
Day 6・Nagoya ▶ Nagashima Resort (Overnight in Nagashima Resort)Show details
Walking around Nagoya (Nagoya Castle, Atsuta-jingu Shrine, Oasis 21 and TV Tower, Toyota Commemorative Museum of Industry and Technology, Noritake Garden, and more) → Walking around Nagashima Resort (Nagashima Spa Land, Nabana no Sato, Jazz Dream Nagashima, and more) Nagoya cuisine (hitsumabushi eel, miso pork cutlets, miso udon noodles, chicken wings, kishimen noodles, and more)
Day 7・Nagashima Resort ▶ Iga ▶ Ise (Overnight in Toba)Show details
Nagashima Resort → Walking around Iga (Ninja Museum of Igaryu [ninja activities], Iga Ueno Castle, and more) → Walking around Ise (Ise-jingu Shrine, Okage Yokocho, Sengukan Museum, Futamigaura, and more) → Toba Matsusaka beef, Ise udon noodles, Tekone sushi, “Toba”rger, Akafuku, and more
Day 8・Toba ▶ Kumano or Owase (Overnight in Kumano or Owase)Show details
Walking around Toba (Mikimoto Pearl Island (jewelry-making), Toba Aquarium, Activities with female divers, Toba Music Box Center (music box-making), Shinmei Shrine (Ishigami-san), and more) → Kumano or Owase Oysters, Ise prawns, meharizushi, and more
Day 9・Kumano or Owase (Kumano Kodo)Show details
Walking along the Kumano Kodo (Kumano Kodo / Iseji Route [walking along your choice of 17 trails] and more)

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Recommended attractions along the Nostalgic Course

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