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What is the Great Nature Route?

The Shoryudo truly offers a diverse array of tourist attractions. The Great Nature Route is an alpine route that cuts through a mountain range some 3,000 meters high. There’s moon-viewing at Unazuki Onsen, the cliffs of Tojinbo formed from erosion by the Sea of Japan’s violent waves, and one of the world’s three largest dinosaur museums. Tour Japan’s largest lake, ancient Lake Biwa, and experience the workings and pleasures of nature as you see just how vast the great outdoors are. In the fall, visitors can also enjoy the colorful leaves at Eihei-ji Temple and the Three Temples of Eastern Biwa.

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Magnificent Mountain Scenery and Historical Adventures

Day 1・Nagano ▶ Omachi Onsen Village (Overnight in Omachi Onsen Village)Show details
Walking around Nagano (Zenko-ji Temple, Togakushi Kagami-ike Pond, Togakushi Folk Museum / Togakushi Ninja Museum / Ninja Trick Mansion, Azumino short rafting course [beginners and families welcome], and more) → Omachi Onsen Village Shinshu soba, oyaki, mushroom dishes, and more
Day 2・Omachi Onsen Village ▶ Tateyama Kurobe Alpine Route ▶ Unazuki Onsen (Overnight in Unazuki Onsen)Show details
Omachi Onsen Village → Walking the Tateyama Kurobe Alpine Route (Kurobe Dam Stn, Kurobeko Stn, Kurobedaira Stn, Daikanbo Stn, Murodo Stn, Midagahara Stn, Bijodaira Stn, and more) → Unazuki Onsen Dam curry, A Drop of Star, and more
Day 3・Unazuki Onsen ▶ Uozu ▶ Toyama ▶ Awara Onsen (Overnight in Awara Onsen)Show details
Unazuki Onsen → Walking around Uozu (six nature adventure spots) → Walking around Toyama (streetcars, Toyama Castle, Fugan Unga Kansui Park, Amaharashi coast, and more) → Awara Onsen Toyama Bay sushi, shiroebi, firefly squid, and more
Day 4・Awara Onsen ▶ Fukui ▶ Nagahama (Overnight in Nagahama)Show details
Awara Onsen → Walking around Fukui (Fukui Prefectural Dinosaur Museum [dinosaur fossil excavation activities], Dinosaur Forest Park, Eihei-ji Temple [zen meditation, sutra writing, and vegetarian dishes], fishing activities [stationary net fishing and seine fishing in Tsuruga], and more) → Walking around Nagahama (Kurokabe Square, sunset spot [Kohokucho, one of Japan’s 100 most beautiful sunsets], and more) Echizen crab, Echizen oroshi-soba, pork cutlet rice bowls with Worcestershire sauce, and more
Day 5・Nagahama ▶ Yoro ▶ Gifu (Overnight in Gifu)Show details
Nagahama → Walking around Yoro (Yoro Falls, Yoro Tenmei Hantenchi, and more) → Walking around Gifu (Gifu Castle, Kawaramachi, historical district, Nagara River cormorant fishing, and more) Noppei udon, Omi beef dishes, ayu (sweetfish) dishes, and more
Day 6・Gifu ▶ Nagoya ▶ MinamichitaShow details
Gifu → Walking around Nagoya (Nagoya Castle, Atsuta-jingu Shrine, Osu Kannon shopping district and temple, Toyota Commemorative Museum of Industry and Technology, Noritake Garden, shopping, and more) → Walking around Minamichita (fruit picking, seine fishing, and more) Nagoya cuisine (hitsumabushi eel, miso pork cutlets, miso udon noodles, chicken wings, kishimen noodles, and more)

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Recommended attractions along the Great Nature Route

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