Yokokan Garden

Yokokan was the Fukui feudal lord’s Matsudaira Family villa and was called the “Osensui Residence” during the Edo period. It had a Japanese strolling pond garden with a large pond at its center. Various ingenuities have been assimilated into the garden and it is considered that the view from around the banks of the pond and the view from within the residence were taken into consideration. The sukiya zukuri style (in the style of a tea ceremony house) of building called the “Ochaya” located on the east of the pond plays a central role in this building. You can have green tea and sweets at “Otsukiminoma”, and you can spend your time leisurely while enjoying the scenery with Japanese Iris being reflected in the pond.

Life / Culture
Address Fukui Pref. Fukuishi Houei 3-11-36
Hours [3/1-11/5]9:00-19:00(Last entry18:30)\[11/6-2/28]9:00-17:00(Last entry16:30)
Closed New Year's holiday
Fees [Admission fee] 220yen\[common ticket with Fukui Municipal Township Saturday History Museum] 350yen
Parking Lot Available(Approx. 20 spaces)
Credit Card Available (VISA, MasterCard, UnionPay)
Smoking Not available
Wi-Fi Available (YOUKOUKAN, only in the building)
Note ※Tel\[Weekday]0776-20-5367(Fukui City Cultural Promotion Division)\[SaturdaySundayPublic holiday]0776-21-0489(Fukui City Go Saturday History Museum)
Can be enjoyed even on a rainy day [Lunch] 1-1,000yen\[Night] 1-1,000yen
Average budget 30-60 minutes
Estimated stay time Yes (you can enter the mansion, but you cannot go around the pond)
Wheelchair accessible Yes (A stroller cannot go around the pond)
Pet friendly Yes