Metal casting experience

Nousaku Corp. doesn’t just make “things,” it takes on businesses that convey “activities” and “heart.”
In the “FACTORY TOUR,” you can directly feel the depth of the craftsmanship that supports traditional industry. Inside the facilities, there is the directly managed “FACTORY SHOP,” the “IMONO KITCHEN,” where you can enjoy local ingredients served in Nousaku bowls, “TOYAMA DOORS,” which independently edits tourism information for Toyama Prefecture, and the “NOUSAKU LAB,” where you can experiencing metal casting; each of these facilities are enjoyed by visitors from inside and outside Toyama.

Life / Culture
Highlight Experience making tin products using traditional Takaoka copperware techniques
Experience content A mold is made using a method called green sand molding where sand used for molds is packed together into a mold. This place brings together many things for both children and adults to enjoy. Take home a one of a kind original together with your memories.
Tour style With guide
Price Adults: 1,000-4,000 *depends upon the item producedElementary school students: From 500Middle school students: From 1,000
Payment Method Cash Credit cards: American Express, Diners Club, JCB, MasterCard, Visa, China UnionPay
Acceptable number / Program 36 people (some content requires consultation) per session108 people (some content requires consultation) per session
Publication time Opening Hours Depends upon the item produced
Time required for Stay , Exprerience Approx. 90 min. *elementary and middle school student course (paperweights) is approx. 30 min.
Closed Year-end/New Year’s holidays
Parking Lot Passenger cars: 22Large size vehicles: 2
Merchandise Availability / Food Availability Both sales of goods and food and drink are available.
Receiving target Individuals Groups Observation/training groups Schools * People from same industry welcome
Pamphlet EnglishInterpretation, guides and other services: interpretation available in English, guides available
Wi-fi Available
Barrier free correspondence Available (some areas of the plant are not barrier free)
Reservation(Need / No Needed) Requires bookings by telephone or fax or through the Nousaku Corp. website
Reservation window TEL:+81-766-63-0001 FAX:+81-766-63-5510
Traffic access Quickly accessible on foot after getting off the cultural heritage site bus at the Nosaku-mae bus stop, 3 min. walk from the Takaoka Office Park stop on the Kanoetsu bus (Takaoka University of Law line)
Postal code 939-1119
Contact address 8-1 Takaoka City Office Park
Contact information TEL:+81-766-63-0001 FAX:+81-766-63-5510
Official website