Iga-Ryu Ninja Museum

Ninja is a mysterious and enigmatic group conducting espionage and reconnaissance during medieval and feudal times. Iga region of Mie Prefecture is a birthplace of Iga-ryu Ninja. They were good at incantation and use of fire and conducting espionage activities. At this museum, the woman-ninja as a guide shows demonstrations using such gadgets as ‘revolving door’ , ‘escape route’ , ‘hidden door’ , and ‘hide sword’ At the Ninja Show, the combat scene of Ninja against enemies using real throwing stars and swords is really compelling. The museum is open all year round except for year-end and New Year holidays.

Traffic access Iga Ueno City Railway Station 5 minute walk
Contact address 117, Marunouchi, Iga Ueno-shi, Mie-ken
Official website http://iganinja.jp/en/museum/index.html