Oharai-machi ‘Purification Town’

This town has been welcoming worshippers from the old days as a shrine town of the Inner Shrine of the Grand shrines of Ise. Along the Isuzu river from Uji Bridge, the 800-meter stone paved street, lined with houses with such traditional architectural style as ‘gabled roof’, ‘half-hipped roof ‘ and ‘ gable-side entrance’ , has souvenir shops and eating places specializing local specialties. At one corner of this street, in Okageyo-kocho, where, a picture-story show featuring Ise Pilgrimage in the old days and hands-on workshops of traditional crafts, etc. are available. It is a right place where you can appreciate Ise culture, together with enjoying a variety of local dishes. Please have g good time here after visiting Ise Grand Shrines.

Website http://www.ise-kanko.jp/oise/oharai.html
Traffic access Ujiyamada Station or Kintetsu Yamada Line, Kintetsu Yamada Line Ise Station Sangu line JR, about 15 minutes by taxi or bus to Naiku Mie Kotsu, mae Jingu Kaikan, 1 minute walk
Contact address Ujinakanogiri-cho, Ujiimazaike-cho, Ise-shi, Mie-ken
Official website http://www.ise-kanko.jp/english/srch/index.php?GT_CategoryCD=M2020