Kinshachi Yokocho

Restaurants serving traditional “Nagoyameshi”, Nagoya’s unique cuisine.

Kinshachi Yokocho is a two zoned restaurant and shopping facility adjacent to Nagoya Castle. The “Yoshinao Zone” located near the castle’s main gate is named after Lord Tokugawa Yoshinao the first feudal lord of the Owari (western Aichi Prefecture) region and lord of Nagoya Castle. The zone offers a wide range of Nagoya related souvenirs and restaurants serving traditional “Nagoyameshi”, Nagoya’s unique cuisine. The “Muneharu Zone” near Nagoya Castle’s eastern gate was named after Tokugawa Muneharu, the flamboyant and controversial 7th feudal lord of the Owari Tokugawa clan, and features more contemporary styled eateries.

Traffic access 5 min. westwards walk from Exit 7 of Shiyakusho Station of the subway Meijo Line (board the clockwise train from Sakae Station, in turn reachable from Nagoya Station using the subway Higashiyama Line bound for Sakae and Fujigaoka).
Contact address 16-29 Marunouchi 3chome,Naka Ku,Nagoya
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