Yamanaka-bushi and Ozashiki Experience

The splendid Yamanakaza Hall, fitted with traditional Yamanaka lacquerware handcrafts, offers the chance to casually enjoy Ozashiki-asobi with geiko dancers, allowing an experience that you can enjoy usually only in Japanese-style inns. You can have a special experience up on the cypress stage that is bound to become a pleasant experience you will look back on.

Website http://www.yamanaka-spa.or.jp/event/739
Highlight Enjoy Ozashiki-asobi together with geiko dancers on the cypress stage of Yamanakaza.
Experience content On the cypress stage of Yamanakaza, geiko dancers perform Yamanaka-bushi, and you will experience Ozashiki-asobi, “Konpira fune fune” and “Tora tora”. Then you join dancing in a circle. Participants will get a small gift.
Price Adults: 1,000 yen / Age 12 and under: 500 yen
Acceptable number / Program 30 people / time
Publication time Opening Hours From 11:00 on Monday to Friday; weekdays only
Time required for Stay , Exprerience Approx. 30 minutes
Closed When the hall is hired
Receiving target Individuals
Reservation(Need / No Needed) Reservation required
Reservation window TEL: +81-761-78-5523 FAX: +81-761-78-5524 Email: otazune@yamanaka-spa.or.jp
Traffic access Take the Kaga Onsen bus from JR Kaga Onsen Station for 30 minutes, and get off at Yamanaka Onsen Kikunoyu-mae
Postal code 922-0123
Contact address Yamanaka Onsen Yakushi-machi Mu 1, Kaga City, Ishikawa Prefecture
Contact information TEL:+81-761-78-5523
Official website http://www.yamanaka-spa.or.jp/event/739