Shogawa Gorge Cruise

The picturesque natural beauty of the Shogawa Valley

The best way to enjoy the natural beauty of the picturesque Shogawa Gorge, is from a cruise boat. The 25-minute cruises take you from the mighty 79-meter-high arch-gravity Komaki Dam, completed in 1930, to the secretive yet famed hot spring resort of secluded Omaki Onsen, In fact, the only way to access the Omaki Onsen and inn are via these cruise boats! No matter what season you visit, the natural beauty of the four seasons is guaranteed to be breathtaking as you travel the gorge waterways in between pristine forested mountains and valleys.

Traffic access From Meitetsu Gifu and JR Gifu Stations: take a Gifu Bus on the Highway Hachiman Line towards Gujo Hachiman and get off at the "Gujo Hachiman Jokamachi Plaza" stop (70-80 min). Walk 20-30 min to the castle
Contact address 73, Shogawamachi Komaki, Tonami Shi, Toyama
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