Maboroshi-no-taki Falls (Wandering Falls) (Walking)

Typically, the snow on Mt. Fuji thaws and permeates underground before springing up slowly over a period of 100 years; therefore, Mt. Fuji has no rivers or waterfalls. However, at a certain place about 20 minutes from Subashiri Trail Fifth Station, just once a year, for a short period of time, a waterfall appears. Around mid-May to mid-June, when the snow begins to melt, the meltwater gathers in a mountain stream and flows down, creating a very rare sight. The waterfall may or may not be visible, depending on the temperature and other environmental conditions; hence it is called “Maboroshi-no-taki Falls (Wandering Falls)”.

Highlight Walking to "Maboroshi-no-taki Falls," situated 2,000 m above sea level on the fifth station of Mt. Fuji.
Experience content A waterfall that only appears from mid-May to mid-June every year, created by flow of meltwater on Mt. Fuji.
Tour style Self-guidedGuided (If a tour guide is requested)
Price Additional fee required for tour guide
Payment Method Cash
Acceptable number / Program 40 people / time40 people / day
Time required for Stay , Exprerience 60 to 90 minutes
Parking Lot Standard cars / 150 spaces Large-sized vehicles / 5 spaces
Merchandise Availability / Food Availability Yes (In the mountain hut at the fifth station)
Receiving target Individuals Groups Observation and training groups
Pamphlet English, Chinese (Simplified), and Chinese (Traditional)
Reservation(Need / No Needed) Advance reservation required for a tour guide (Reservations also required for groups desiring lunch)
Reservation window TEL: +81-550-76-5000
Traffic access "Subashiri-guchi 5th Station" bus stop, which can be accessed by bus from Gotemba Station
Postal code 410-1326
Contact address Yosawa 72-2, Oyama Town, Sunto County, Shizuoka Prefecture
Contact information TEL:+81-550-76-5000 FAX:+81-550-76-5006
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