Apricot picking/apricot processing experience: jam and other items

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Highlight Apricot picking in Japan’s biggest apricot village!
Experience content Yokoshima Bussan: free apricot picking (you can take 1 kg-apricot to home with you) Samples have already been prepared. Kyouri-an: apricot picking (you can take 1kg-apricot to home with you) Samples have already been prepared. Apricots are not all you can eat. After 20 minutes of apricot picking, tea will be served Apricot Village Tourism Hall (jam/syrup preserves making):1 kg of apricots makes three 225cc-bottles. Up to 3 kg can be processed. 1 kg of apricots makes three 450cc-bottles of syrup preserves. Up to 3 kg can be processed.
Tour style Free observation/with guide
Price Yokoshima Bussan apricot picking/entry charge: From 1,000 (prices vary according to the apricot breed) Kyouri-an apricot picking/entry charge: From 800 (prices vary according to the apricot breed) Apricot Village Tourism Hall →Jam making: 1,700/kg (includes cost of ingredients), Syrup preserves 1,700/kg (includes cost of ingredients)
Acceptable number / Program Yokoshima Bussan/Kyouri-an: 80 peopleApricot Village Tourism Hall: 4 people for each experience24 people per day for jam making (a maximum of 4 people per session and 6 rotations) 48 people per day for syrup making (a maximum of 4 people per session and 12 rotations)
Publication time Opening Hours Mid-June-early July, 2018 (details are scheduled to be decided in early June depending on the growth condition of the fruit)
Time required for Stay , Exprerience Yokoshima Bussan: approx. 1 hourKyouri-an: 30-40 min.Apricot Village Tourism Hall: Jam making, approx. 1 hour Syrup preserves, approx. 30 min.
Closed No apricot picking. Jam and syrup preserve making is held Sun./Mon./Wed./Fri. for jam and Tues./Thurs./Sat. for syrup preserves.
Parking Lot Yokoshima Bussan: 10 passenger cars availble to park, large vehicles, Kuboyama Tenbo-dai Park Parking LotKyouri-an: passenger cars, 30, large vehicles, 2 at Nishimura SekiyuApricot Village Tourism Hall: passenger cars, several spaces available, large vehicles, Mori Undo Park
Merchandise Availability / Food Availability Available
Receiving target Individuals Groups Observation/training groups Schools   * People from same industry welcome
Wi-fi Available only at Apricot Village Tourism Hall
Barrier free correspondence None(Barrier free restrooms available only at Apricot Village Tourism Hall)
Reservation(Need / No Needed) Booking required by 3:00 PM of the previous day for jam and syrup preserve making only
Reservation window TEL:+81-26-261-0300 FAX:+81-26-261-0350 Mail:dmo@chikuma-kanko.com
Traffic access Approx. 15 min. from Yashiro Station by car (using your own car is recommended as there are few fixed route buses in service).
Postal code 389-0821
Contact address 2-12-10 Kamiyamadaonsen, Chikuma City, Nagano Prefecture
Contact information TEL:+81-26-261-0300 FAX:+81-26-261-0350 Mail:dmo@chikuma-kanko.com
Official website http://chikuma-kanko.com