Snow Monkey Resorts Tours (Snow Monkey, Ski Package, Nature / Culture Experience Tour)

Nagano Prefecture, located midway between Tokyo and Kyoto, is a region offering nature and culture experiences for each season, in a rich natural environment surrounded by mountains. We combine Nagano’s diverse tourism resources and carry out community-based tours from JR Nagano Station, which is easily accessible by Hokuriku Shinkansen.
Specifically, the main contents are: the year-round type snow monkey tour which bundles together the wold-famous snow monkeys as “the hot springs enjoying monkeys” and activities for each season; ski package tours at Shiga Kogen, Hakuba, Nozawa, which mainly involve winter activities like skiing and snow boarding; hiking tours at Kurobe Gorge and Kamikochi Heights, etc.; history and cultural experience tours incorporating the old Nakasendo, Matsumoto Castle, Zenko-ji Temple, Togakushi, Japanese Sake, Hot springs, and more.

Highlight Tour to experience the nature and culture of Nagano with the snow monkeys as the main feature.
Experience content Snow monkey tour; ski and snowboard package tour; nature experience tour by bicycle and hiking; a tour to experience the history and culture of Nagano.
Tour style Guided
Price Varies
Payment Method Cash Credit card: American Express / JCB / MasterCard / Visa
Acceptable number / Program 50 people / once50 people / day
Publication time Opening Hours Varies
Time required for Stay , Exprerience Varies
Closed Varies
Parking Lot Standard cars: 10 spacesLarge-sized vehicles: 3 spaces
Merchandise Availability / Food Availability Yes
Receiving target Individuals Groups Observation and training groups Schools * Open to members of the industry
Pamphlet EnglishInterpretors, tour guides: English
Wi-fi Yes
Barrier free correspondence No
Reservation(Need / No Needed) Advance reservation required by phone or Email
Reservation window TEL: +81-269-38-1739 Email:
Traffic access Varies
Postal code 381-0401
Contact address Kanbayashi1382, Hirao, Yamanouchi-machi, Shimo-takai County, Nagano Prefecture
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