Walk with an Iiyama Furusato Guide “The Snow Country’s Little Kyoto: The Temple Town of Iiyama”

Iiyama City center has such a numerous amount of temples and shrines remaining that it has been called “the snow country’s little Kyoto” and “the temple town of Iiyama”. The distinct townscape and lifestyle of a snow country are still alive in the town.
An Iiyama Furusato Guide will, with a detailed explanation, show you the beauty of Iiyama that you would not realize just walking past.

Life / Culture
Website https://www.iiyama-ouendan.net/special/surprise/
Highlight Explore Iiyama village with an "Iiyama Furusato Guide"
Experience content The old, charming townscape known as the snow country’s little Kyoto, the beautiful village with the untouched scenery that will give anyone a feeling of nostalgia; quietly standing amongst this are tranquil temples and shrines. Explore the history and culture, and various tales kept in Iiyama with an "Iiyama Furusato Guide".
Tour style Guided
Price Up to 2 hours: 2,500 yen / up to 4 hours: 4,500 yen / up to 6hours: 6,500 yen * Additional 2,000 yen every 2 hours after that * Admission fees for facilities to be paid by the guests.
Payment Method Cash (The below may be used for payment only by those who have dropped by the Iiyama Station Tourist Information Center) Credit card: American Express / Diners / JCB / MasterCard / Visa / China Union Pay card Smartphone payment apps: LINE PAY
Acceptable number / Program 15 people per guide
Publication time Opening Hours 9:00 to 17:00 (November to March) / 9:00 to 18:00 (April to October)
Time required for Stay , Exprerience Varies
Closed No
Parking Lot Standard cars/ 468 spaces (Iiyama Station)Large-sized vehicles/ 8 spaces (Iiyama Station)
Merchandise Availability / Food Availability Yes (Iiyama Station)
Receiving target Individuals / Groups / Observation and training groups / Schools * Open to members of the industry
Pamphlet No
Wi-fi Yes (Iiyama Station Tourist Information Information Center)
Barrier free correspondence Yes (Iiyama Station Tourist Information Information Center)
Reservation(Need / No Needed) Advance reservation required via phone, fax, Email or on website
Reservation window TEL: +81-269-62-7000 FAX: +81-269-62-7003 Email: info@shinetsu-shizenkyo.com
Traffic access Hokuriku Shinkansen Iiyama Station 1F
Postal code 389-2253
Contact address Iiyama 772-6, Iiyama City, Nagano Prefecture
Contact information TEL:+81-269-62-7000 FAX:+81-269-62-7003 Mail:info@shinetsu-shizenkyo.com
Official website https://www.iiyama-ouendan.net/special/surprise/