Canoeing, Kayaking, Water Skiing, Rock Climbing

Canoeing: Canadian canoeing on the Lake Aoki, the “Mirror of Northern Alps” which reflects the Northern Alps onto its azure water surface. The tour plan with a lakeside BBQ is also recommended!! You will master the knowledge of Canadian canoes, how to use the equipment and the basic manipulation of a Canadian canoe.

Kayaking: Kayaking on the mysterious clear blue, top-quality water of Lake Aoki. The tour plan with a lakeside BBQ is also recommended!! You will master the knowledge of kayaks, how to use the equipment and the basic manipulation of a kayak. With a perimeter of 2km, around the Lake Nakatsuna, a garden lake of the Northern Alps, you can enjoy hanami and autumn foliage tours. Oyama-zakura at the Lake Nakatsuna has been regularly featured in Omachi City’s highlight posters. Children aged 6 to 9 may be requested to ride with their guardians on three-seater kayaks.

The plans with a lakeside BBQ include a BBQ set rental and is well-recommended for those who wish to casually enjoy BBQ!.
Please kindly set up, ignite the charcoal (we will bring lit charcoal to your BBQ spot if you inform us beforehand) and clean up after yourself.
We also sort and collect waste. (Waste brought in by the guests can not be collected)
Kita Alps Sanroku Brand boxed lunch plan
Especially excellent agricultural and livestock products, as well as processed/cooked products produced in the foothills of Northern Alps are certified as the Kita Alps Sanroku Brand and is published far and wide in order to contribute to promotion of the local industry and regional revitalization (From the Kita Alps Sanroku Agricultural and Livestock Products Brand Directing Committee website)

Highlight We offer a diverse experience menu around Omachi and Lake Aoki
Experience content There is a diverse experience menu through which you can enjoy all seasons, water, land, and sky to their fullest.
Price Varies Confirmation required on the website, bank transfer in advance.
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Acceptable number / Program 80 people / day40 people / time
Publication time Opening Hours Varies Confirmation required on the website.
Time required for Stay , Exprerience Varies Confirmation required on the website.
Closed According to the weather.
Parking Lot Standard cars/ 100 spaces Large-sized vehicles/ 5 spaces
Merchandise Availability / Food Availability Yes
Receiving target Individuals / Groups / Schools * Closed to members of the industry
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Barrier free correspondence No
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Traffic access Approx. 1 hour and 15 minutes by car from Azumino I.C. of the Nagano Expressway
Postal code 398-0001
Contact address Taira 20780-1, Omachi City, Nagano Prefecture
Contact information TEL:+81-261-23-1021 FAX:+81-261-22-0671
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