Zenkoji Temple

"Located in Nagano City, this temple does not belong to any sect. Any sect is free to worship here, which has received veneration for having Japan's oldest Ikko Sanson Amida Nyorai as the main deity. During the Edo period, it was said that ""once in your life, visit Zenkoji Temple,"" The ""oasaji"" is performed every day during the sunrise. If you purchase a ticket for the inner sanctum, you can worship up close. The ""zenritsu honzon"" is performed once every seven years. About 15 minutes by bus from JR Nagano Station."

Life / Culture
Address Nagano Pref. Naganoshi Naganomotoyoshichou 491-b
Hours Open 24 hours\*Each temple is different
Closed open everyday
Fees [Worship fee] Free\[Naiden ticket (including visiting the ordination hall and historical museum visit)] 600yen\[Temple gate admission fee]500yen\[Kyozo admission fee]300yen
Parking Lot Available(400spaces)
Credit Card Not available
Official website http://www.gokaicho.com/english/