Sashikan Kogei Workshop

Kumiko is a joinery technique that doesn’t use nails.
This technique is understood to have developed in the ancient Muromachi period, alongside the shoin-zukuri style of architecture, and is one of the traditional Japanese techniques employed in creating items such as windows and sliding screen doors, as well as the latticework of ranma-style screen windows.
In the workshop, you’ll experience one part of this technique.

Life / Culture
Highlight A workshop in kumiko joinery ? one of the traditional crafts remaining in Kumono
Experience content Learn about “kumiko,” a traditional Japanese muntin joinery technique
Tour style With guide
Price Fee for materials: From 2,000
Payment Method Cash
Acceptable number / Program 5 people per session15 people per day
Publication time Opening Hours Every third Saturday of the month, from 9:30, 13:30
Time required for Stay , Exprerience Approx. 20 min.
Closed Closed all days other than the third Saturday of the month
Parking Lot Passenger cars: 5
Merchandise Availability / Food Availability Available
Receiving target Individuals
Reservation(Need / No Needed) Telephone bookings required
Reservation window TEL:+81-59-396-1786
Traffic access 15-minute walk from Ojima bus stop (Sanco Bus)
Postal code 510-1323
Contact address 1537-1 Ojima, Komono-cho, Mie-gun, Mie Prefecture
Official website