English-speaking raconteur guides on the Kumano Kodo Ise-ji Route World Heritage site

Beautiful cobblestone pathways, carved monuments full of history, mountain passes overlooking superb views…The World Heritage-listed Ise-ji Route of the ancient Kumano Kodo has many must-see sights.
The Kumano Kodo Kataribe Tomo no Kai volunteer group provides guides on the Ise-ji Route who will, in addition to showing tourists these spots, explain in detail the unique characteristics, natural features, culture, and other aspects of the individual mountain passes.
With one of these raconteur guides by your side, you can hear more detailed commentary on the background of the Kumano Kodo on a wider scale, including local culture, folk history, and natural environment, and understand the Kumano Kodo’s true worth as a worship trail.
English-speaking raconteur guides are available for the following mountain passes.
Mountain passes with English-speaking guides
Magose Pass, Yakiyama Pass, Hadasu-no-Michi, Ohbuki Pass, Kannon-michi, Matsumoto Pass, Tori Pass
First-timers on the Kumano Kodo and people worried about being able to walk the trail are assured of a safe, reassuring experience, as the raconteur guide will help to maintain the right pace.

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Highlight World Heritage Kumano Kodo Ise-ji Route guides
Experience content Enjoy informative, fun commentary on the history, culture, and nature of the Kumano Kodo.
Tour style With guide
Price 5,000~10,000 (varies by route)
Payment Method Cash
Acceptable number / Program 20 people per guide
Publication time Opening Hours Varies by route
Time required for Stay , Exprerience Varies by route
Closed Varies by route
Merchandise Availability / Food Availability Available
Receiving target Groups
Wi-fi Varies by route
Barrier free correspondence Varies by route
Reservation(Need / No Needed) Telephone or fax bookings required,2 weeks before the date of tour.
Reservation window TEL:+81-597-89-6172 FAX:+81-597-89-6184 Mail:kousha@higashikishu.org
Traffic access Varies by route
Postal code 519-3666
Contact address 371 Idocho, Kumano City (in Mie Prefectural Government Kumano Administration Office)
Contact information TEL:+81-597-89-6172 FAX:+81-597-89-6184 Mail:kousha@higashikishu.org
Official website http://higashikishu.org/translate/e/