Ise Jingu Naiku

This is the other one of Ise Jingu’s shogu, officially called Kotaijingu. It is considered to have begun when the imperial princess Yamato-hime-no-miya determined that Amaterasu Omikami would be enshrined on the banks of the Isuzugawa River. Crossing over the Ujibashi Bridge and proceeding along the long gravel path that approaches the shrine over which Japanese cedar trees tower, one will arrive at the o-seiden (main building), which is enclosed by multiple layers of fencing. The vast grounds include a kagura hall, betsugu (an associated shrine), and free rest areas for worshippers, and the entire area is enveloped in a sacred atmosphere. Visitors can take a bus from Isuzugawa Station or Ujiyamada Station and get off at the Naiku-mae stop.

Life / Culture
Address Mie Pref. Iseshi Ujitachichou 1
Hours [1-4/Sep.] 5:00-18:00 [May--Aug.] 5:00-19:00 [Oct.--Decre.] 5:00-17:00
Closed open everyday
Parking Lot Available(260spaces)\※Municipal parking lot
Credit Card Not available
Smoking Not available
Wi-Fi Available
Average budget 60-120 minutes
Estimated stay time Available
Wheelchair accessible Available
Infant friendly Not possible (with pet storage)
Pet friendly Yes
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