Kamikochi is an approximately 1,500 meter high gorge in the Chubu Sangaku National Park. Known as one of the top mountain scenic spots in the country it is designated as a special place of scenic beauty and natural monument. It is a gateway to the Northern Alps (Hida Mountains) and many tourists, mainly climbers and photographers visit each year. To help protect the environment the use of cars is restricted so it is recommended to use a shuttle bus service or taxi.

Address Nagano Pref. Matsumotoshi Adumi
Hours Open 24 hours\\[Kamikochi Koen Line]\[4-6, Sep.- Nov.]5:00-19:00\[July- Aug.]5:00-20:00\*Due to private car restrictions General vehicles are prohibited from passing all year
Closed open everyday\\[Kamikochi Koen Line]\[Winter Closed Period]Mid-Nov.
Fees \ [Sawando parking lot- Kamikochi bus terminal] \ [Round trip (Adults)] 2,400yen \ [One way (Adults)] 1,300yen \ [Round trip (Children)] 1,200yen \ [One way (Children)]650yen\\[Akandana Parking Area- Kamikochi Bus Terminal]\[Round Trip (Adults)]2,090yen\[One way(Adults)]1,180yen\[Round Trip(Children)]1,050yen\[One way (Children)]590yen
Parking Lot Available\\\\[Number of parking spaces]About2,000spaces\\[Business hours]\[Municipal parking lot] Open 24 hours (automatic gate)\[Private parking lot] 5:00-(Depends on shuttle bus service time)\\[Closed Sunday]Closed in winter (Mid-Nov.-Mid-Apr.)\\[Fee Friday (1 day)]\[Standard size]700yen\[Motorbike]350yen\ [Microbus] 1,400yen\[Medium/large bus]2,800yen\\\\[Number of parking spaces] About850spaces\\[Business hours]\3:30-19:00( Depends on the service time of the shuttle bus)\※Departure is open 24 hoursAvailable\\[Closed Sunday]Closed in winter (Mid-Nov.-Mid-Apr.)\\[Fee Friday (1 day)]\[Standard size]600yen\ [Motorbike] 300yen\[Microbus]1,200yen\[Medium/Large Bus]2,400yen
Note ※Telephone connects to the Kamikochi Information Center.
Official website http://www.kamikochi.org