[2020 Tokyo Olympic] Temari Sushi-Making

A new city tour route is proposed upon the opening of the National Crafts Museum and the completion of the Nezumitamon Bridge, both hot topics of Kanazawa in 2020. At the same time, since the year is 2020, we are providing a 20% discount for Temari sushi-making experience, specially renewed to themed after the Olympics and Paralympics. As a souvenir, we also offer roasted Kaga Bocha tea (Kanazawa Hoji-bocha tea), a popular tea among Kanazawa residents since the old days.

Benefits 1. Improvement in attractiveness brought about by the completion of the National Crafts Museum and Nezumitamon Bridge.
2. Temari sushi-making experience exclusive to 2020, where one can make sushi designed after the five Olympic colors (blue, black, red, yellow, and green). It comes with a 20% discount from the usual price and Kaga Bocha tea souvenirs.
How to apply for campaign benefits Unscheduled
Campaign benefits application period June 1 to September 30, 2020
Number of campaign benefit applicants First 100 applicants
Application conditions ・Once per person during the campaign period.
・Those who hold the photo page of a passport that shares the same name as a visa holder. Japanese citizens cannot participate in this campaign.
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Within Kanazawa Station premises
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