2020 Anniversary Lake Hamana Gastronomy Tour (Shrimp Catching Experience)

It is a traditional fishing method at Lake Hamana where Japanese tiger shrimps raised in the back of Lake Hamana are scooped up using nets when they flow out, riding the ebb tide in the late-night while the tide is rapidly receding from high tide. You can catch an average of 100 to 200 fishes, shrimps, and crabs each trip. You can take all the catch back with you for free and even eat them the next morning. We can have you picked up from your accommodation and sent to Arai Fishing Port by boat. Those who apply for this plan will receive special gifts too.

Benefits ・Original plan that includes the popular and group-orientated catching experience, BBQ, and accommodation.
・Comes with special gifts limited to 2020
How to apply for campaign benefits Please flash the campaign webpage on the JNTO website on your smartphone or print out the page and bring it with you.
Campaign benefits application period April 1 to October 31, 2020
Number of campaign benefit applicants Unlimited
Application conditions Minimum: 1 person
Maximum: 30 people
Disclaimer We are not responsible to compensate for any damages to the traveler due to natural disasters, wars, riots, suspension of transportation or accommodation services, orders from public offices, or other reasons not involving us or our agents.
Website URL https://www.inhamamatsu.com/experience/ebisuki-fishing.php
Specific campaign webpage URL https://www.inhamamatsu.com/recommend/2020-campaign.php
JNTO 2020 campaign webpage URL https://www.japan.travel/2020/en/campaigns/019/
Prefecture Shizuoka Prefecture
Facility name Arai Fishing Port (Hamana Fishery Cooperative)
Facility location Araicho Arai, Kosai
Contact details for customers Contact: iN HAMAMATSU.COM
Email: info@inhamamatsu.com
Languages: Japanese, English, Chinese (simplified and traditional), and Indonesian