Sasaoyama Koryukan Japanese Armor Experience

Take a stroll around Sekigahara for the day wearing Japanese armor. It’s a rare treat to be able to explore historic sites dressed in period armor. During the milder seasons of spring and fall, why not bring a packed lunch and enjoy a picnic on Sasaoyama in the style of a historic warrior?

Life / Culture
Highlight You can explore historic sites while wearing Japanese armor.
Experience content You can explore historic sites in Sekigahara wearing Japanese armor for the day. It’s only a short walk to the site of Mitsunari Ishida’s encampment on Sasaoyama or the site of the Battle of Sekigahara, making it easy to take outdoor photographs to remember the experience by.
Price Samurai armor: 2,000 / Ashigaru armor: 1,500 (jingasa/tatami-yoroi) / Children’s armor: 1,000 (no samurai armor or tatami-yoroi/samue) * Includes dressing service. You can also rent waraji straw sandals or swords to accompany the armor. * The same rental fee will be charged even if renting only some of the equipment.
Payment Method Cash
Publication time Opening Hours Apr. 28 (Sat.)?Nov. 25 (Sun) 2018 *Open throughout Jul. 23?Aug. 31. Weekdays: 10:00?16:00, Weekends and holidays: 9:30?16:00. (No time restriction/Please return items by 17:00) Reception for armor experience open until 16:00.
Time required for Stay , Exprerience Approx. 30 min.
Closed Tuesday (open following day if is Tuesday is a public holiday)
Parking Lot Available
Merchandise Availability / Food Availability Available
Receiving target Individuals
Reservation(Need / No Needed) On-site reception only/No bookings taken
Traffic access About 5 minutes from the Sekigahara Interchange off the Meishin Expressway
Postal code 503-1523
Contact address 1167-1 Oaza Sekigahara, Sekigahara-cho, Fuwa-gun, Gifu Prefecture
Contact information TEL:+81-584-43-1600 FAX:+81-584-43-0915
Official website