Tojinbo, where rough waves are washing on the thrilling precipice, often appears in TV dramas in Japan. It is also a popular tourist destination for visitors from overseas. When you see the sea from the 25 窶杜eter cliff equivalent to 8 or 9 storied building, you will be overwhelmed by the powerful sea scenery. Tojinbo and nearby Oshima island are designated as natural monuments. If you take a cruise boat, you can enjoy seeing Tojinbo and other rocks of fantastic shapes from the sea. Other attractions here are the Tojinbo tower from which you will see Noto Peninsula in a distance, and a 4-kilometer long promenade to enjoy strolling.

Traffic access Get off at Echizen Railway Mikuni Station,then board Keifuku Bus,bound for Tojinbo/JR Awara-Onsen St. (approx.15 min.).Get off at Tojinbo.Get off at JR Awara-Onsen St., then board Keifuku Bus,bound for Tojinbo(approx.40 min.).Get off at Tojinbo.
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