Lotus root digging experience

People tend to think of lotus roots as something you harvest by tramping through mud, getting wet and dirty, but there are actually two ways to harvest them. One is the “water-digging” method, which uses water pressure from a pump to harvest the lotus roots. In the other method, the water is drained from the paddy, heavy machinery is used to dig up the top soil, and hoes are used to dig up the roots. Aichi Prefecture’s lotus roots are harvested with the latter method, digging them out from under the ground.
Unlike the water-digging method, any comfortable clothing is suitable. We have rubber boots for you to borrow. It may be a good idea to bring a change of clothes in case you get dirty, but otherwise, you can come to pick lotus roots relatively empty-handed.
The stalks of the lotus root grow between the sections of the root. If you think of the lotus root stalks as the dots, imagine you are joining the dots and dig them out a little at the time. It is just like digging for treasure.
Some of the children forget all about digging for the lotus roots halfway through and start playing in the mud, making mud cakes and getting all muddy themselves.
During the cold winter months, you might come across hibernating creatures (frogs, turtles, etc.)

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Highlight Lotus root digging experience
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