Meiji Mura

The beautifully preserved buildings in Meiji Mura will take you back to a significant era in Japan’s past, when the country opened its doors and let in Western influence. This open-air museum showcases the impressive architecture of the time, and provides an excellent opportunity to see the exchange of cultures between the West and East. Some of the beautiful historic buildings have been repurposed as cafes and sweet shops selling popular Meiji era foods, such as curry rice and beef croquettes. Getting around is a part of the experience, with authentic street cars and steam trains taking visitors through the village in traditional Meiji style!

Life / Culture
Traffic access Meitetsu Inuyama Station, 20 minutes by bus to Meiji Mura. OrMeitetsu Bus Center "prosperity" bus at Meiji Mura. (Daily)
Contact address 1, Uchiyama, Inuyama-shi, Aichi-ken
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