Unagi Pie Factory

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Unagi Pie Factory

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At this facility, you can enjoy a factory tour to see whole processes of the eel pie making, one of the popular Hamamatsu famous sweets nationwide. The tour shows and unveils the handmade batter making by an experienced pastry chef and the secret of tastiness of this popular pie. You can actually observe such processes as the pie-baking on a dedicated belt-conveyer oven, the inspection, the wrapping and packing line through the glass. You will be surprised with the Japanese style product making pursing thorough quality control and efficiency. At the cafe, original sweets and ‘Shizuoka’ green tea are in the menu, creating a stylish Japanese atmosphere. Shops selling eel pies and sweets are also available, crowded with many tourists every day.

Unagi Pie Factory



Traffic access

JR Takatsuka Station, about 20 minutes by taxi

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