Kamikochi Highland

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Kamikochi Highland

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This is the Japan’s prominent scenic mountain view area surrounded by such 3,000-meter celebrated mountains as Hotaka Mountain range, Mt. Yakedake(an active volcano) and Mt. Kasumizawa-dake. It is also designated as a ‘Special Place of Scenic Beauty’ and a ‘Special Natural Monument’ of Japan.Such wonderful scenes as the fantastic Taisho pond with withered trees, the Tashiro pond with the serene wetland, the crystal-clear Azusa River and Kappa-bashi, or a suspension bridge, and the Myojin pond with water beneath Mt. Myojin-dake gushing out, continue here. When you soak your hand in the Azusa river with its source in Mt. Yarigatake, your fingers will be numbed with cold water, making you become aware of workings of nature. Along the river, nature trails are available, so that you can enjoy strolling the area within a few hours.

Kamikochi Highland



Traffic access

Shinonoisen Matsumoto Station, about 1 hour and 30 minutes by taxi or bus or JR Chuo Line
Takayama Station Takayamahonsen JR, about 1 hour and 30 minutes by bus or taxi

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