Tsumago Post Town

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Tsumago Post Town

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The inland route connecting Edo(Tokyo) and Kyoto was “Nakasendo” highway in feudal days. The 42nd post town is Tsumago, and located in present Minami-Nagiso Town, Kso County of Nagano Prefecture. The landscape of the town with a row of traditional houses, surrounded by Kiso Mountains, conveys the atmosphere of the post town in old days. It is designated as an Important Building Preservation Area. The rows of houses with dainty latticework, which are unique architectural style to this post town, are now served as souvenir shops, restaurants, sweet parlors and museums, where you can drop in anytime. The ‘Honjin’ or an officially appointed inn for such people of high standing as ‘daimyo’ lord is faithfully restored, and open to the public, together with ‘Waki-Honjin’ the auxiliary official inn and the history museum.

Tsumago Post Town



Traffic access

Nagiso-Chuo Station JR, about 5 minutes by taxi or by bus regularly about 7 minutes

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