Osu Shoppping Arcade

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Osu Shoppping Arcade

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In the south of downtown, Sakae, Osu Shopping Arcade is located. In Osu, an electronics quarters and the arcade are all located, in fact, remarkable number of 1,200 shops are in business, and always busy with shoppers centering on both young and old people with a distinctive atmosphere. Originally the district was flourishing as a typical temple town for Osu Kannon Buddhist temple and Banshoji Buddhist temple. A variety of shops; the local confectionary shops such as Osu Uiro or Nayabashi Manju, the buildings where many electric appliance shops and computer shops gather, vintage clothing and sundry shops popular among young people, fancy restaurants, eating places specializing Nagoya’s local cuisine and ‘otaku’(anorak) culture’ cafe stand side by side. Osu is also very popular among people from overseas, serving as a venue for all sorts of culture of Nagoya can be experienced.

Osu Shoppping Arcade



Traffic access

Nagoya Municipal Subway "Osu Kannon"or "Kamimaezu" station on Tsurumai line

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