Unazuki Hot Spring

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Unazuki Hot Spring

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Unazuki is a hot spring town with vapor rising from hot spring fountain, where the terminal station of Kurobe Gorge Railways, which is running through Japan’s deepest V-shaped gorge, is located. The alkaline simple thermal spring with the fountainhead temperature of 87.8℃ boasts of crystal-clear, and abundant waters. The velvety smooth hot spring enjoys good reputation for keep you warm long after taking a bath.It will be perfect to take an open-air bath while admiring Kurobe gorge from season to season. The footbath is available both at Unazuki Park and the complimentary rest house ‘Ippukudokoro’. The charge-free hot spring foot bathes can be enjoyed.At a dozen or so inns and ‘minshuku’ guest houses are available with good hot spring bathes and sumptuous meals. A variety of menus entertain inn guests centering on fresh seafood from Toyama Bay, only 30 minutes drive from the hot spring town.

Unazuki Hot Spring



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Toyama Local Railway Unazuki Onsen stop

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