Zuiryu-ji Temple

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Zuiryu-ji Temple

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Prepare to be overwhelmed by the graceful beauty, design and history of this magnificent temple. The scale, and architecture, typical of early Edo Period construction, vividly reflects the wealth and opulence of the local ruling Kaga clan, while retaining the austere simplicity of Zen culture. Takaoka founder, Maeda Toshinaga, built the Soto Zen sect Zuiryu-Ji as his family temple. The main worship hall, prayer hall and the main gate constructed by the Third Lord, Maeda Toshitsune, were all designated a National Treasure in 1997, while the Zen training hall, living quarters, tea room, corridor and a large temple gate were registered as Important Cultural Assets. Enjoy the splendor of the National Treasure Zuiryu-ji temple.

Zuiryu-ji Temple



Traffic access

10 minutes walk from Takaoka Station (JR Hokuriku Main Line)

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