Kurobe Gorge Railway

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Kurobe Gorge Railway

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The train threading through the Japan’s deepest V-shape gorge is popular among tourists from home and abroad. This train service is available from April to November every year.The train running on the 762- millimeter track gauge is very small and the journey on this train, covering the total distance of 20.1 kilometer with 41 tunnels and 22 bridges, is very exciting and compelling. You can enjoy viewing the beautiful scenery of the gorge through the train window and from each station on the way. At Kuronagi station, Kuronagi hot spring, the source for Unazuki Spa, is located. At Kanetsuri station, Kanetsuri hot spring is available where open-air bath is just next to the river. If you walk further from Keyakidaira terminal station, you will find such hot springs as Meiken and Babadani. Strolling and taking a hot spring bath will make your tour plan perfect.

Kurobe Gorge Railway



Traffic access

Toyama Local Railway Station Unazuki Onsen, 15 minute walk,KurobeGorge Railway Station Unazuki

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