Kenroku-en Garden

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Kenroku-en Garden

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Kenroku-en Garden, famous for winter scenery featuring protection of trees from snowfall using ropes, was visited by approximately 134,000 tourists from overseas according to the statistics in 2010. It is the golden spot as a tourist destination of Ishikawa Prefecture. It is one of the three most beautiful gardens as well as a national special scenic spot. The garden has been improved by the successive lords of Kaga Domain for a long time. On the vast grounds, a pond, a mound and tea ceremony houses are tastefully arranged featuring the ‘Pond and Wood Circuit-style garden’. In each season, you will appreciate the beauty of the garden such as plum and cherry in spring, green foliage in summer, autumn colors, and snowscape in winter.

Kenroku-en Garden


Traffic access

Kanazawa Station JR, Kenrokuen bus and get off at the bottom, immediately

Contact address

Kenrokumachi, Kanazawa-shi, Ishikawa-ken

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