Mikimoto Pearl Island

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Mikimoto Pearl Island

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The ‘living gem’ born form shell is a pearl. Pearls are classified into natural pearls and cultured pearls. It was Kokichi Mikimoto who was successful in making cultured pearls for the first time in the world. The island, once used as a pearl cultivation farm is now converted into an island for a tourist destination as Mikimoto Pearl Island where many tourists from home and abroad are visiting. On this island, there are some tourist facilities such as the pearl museum where the whole processes of pearl-making are exhibited, Kokichi Mikimoto Memorial Hall where Kokichi’s life as the ‘Pearl King’ is illustrated, pearl shops and a restaurant. In addition, you can enjoy watching the traditional skin diving demonstration of ‘Ama’ or women divers wearing old-style white diving suits.

Mikimoto Pearl Island



Traffic access

5 minutes walk from Toba Station on Kintetsu Toba Line・ Sangu Line JR

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