Information that lets you experience the allure of the Shoryudo

The Shoryudo has such diverse attractions.
In addition to World Heritage sites Shirakawa-go and Gokayama, cities like Kanazawa and Hida-Takayama that retain a strong impression of their historical culture, onsens, and scenic attractions, visitors can enjoy the combinations of traditional culture, food, and sake that different local communities offer.

Japanese Sake road

The Shoryudo Area located in the center of the Japanese Archipelago is endowed with beautiful nature, rich food materials, and pure water, which make the area well-known for delicious cuisine in addition to fine sake.
The area will show you a new aspect of Japan with delicious local dishes and sake selections.

Dashi Floats & Karakuri

Dashi floats endow local festivals with stately grandeur.
Some dashi floats used in Japanese festivals have moving karakuri puppets. About 300 such karakuri dashi exist in Japan: most of them are in Chubu.

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